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Hello, my name’s Glen Matthews, I’m a Toronto-based filmmaker (writer, director & editor) specializing in short-form content (narrative & commercial). Originally from Nova Scotia, I spent ten years as an actor before I decided to pursue filmmaking as my sole focus.

  • My first film, “Room Service”, was a finalist for CBC’s Short Film Face-off.

  • my sophomore film, “Saving Face”, was selected by Telefilm Canada to play at Not Short on Talent, an international showcase held annually in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

  • Recipient of Bell Media’s Shorts to Features funding for “Teething” (2019).

I first started making movies with my friends in junior high school. Fast-forward almost twenty years and I still carry that same enthusiasm with me every time that I get the opportunity to film something.


Curling Canada: “Roar” - Photo by David Stewart (

Curling Canada: “Roar” - Photo by David Stewart (


Shooting “Space Monkey: Origins” with Mark Corless (2016).

Shooting “Space Monkey: Origins” with Mark Corless (2016).


I started creating branded content in 2015, shortly after moving to Toronto.

As someone who regularly gets annoyed with advertising, I’ve tried to make content that even I, a grumpy old man, might enjoy.

  • directed my first nationally televised spot (for Curling Canada’s “Roar of the Rings”) in 2017.

  • I was hired to create digital content for IMPACT Wrestling (a dream come true for a lifelong rasslin’ nerd like myself) in 2018.

  • I’ve self-produced spec ads for Red Bull,, Frankie’s Diner, as well as a mixed-media project for the Toronto-based professional wrestler, The Space Monkey.





2005 - 2015

When I graduated from high school in 2005, my heart was set on one thing: becoming a professional wrestler. Unfortunately, my injury-prone body (bad knees, bad back) was telling me that my grappling days were over before they even began. At nineteen years old, I experienced my very first career detour.

I took my passion for performance and enrolled in Neptune Theatre School's Pre-Professional Training Program where I began my actor training [for stage & screen].

I spent the next 9 years working my ass off to land every role I possibly could [click to view actor demo reel]:

  • Film (select): The Corridor, Hobo With a Shotgun, Roller Town, FOAM DRIVE RENEGADES, LURE, GAME

  • TV (select): Haven, Moby Dick, Sex & Violence


  • Winner of Robert Rodriguez’s worldwide contest where I was awarded a role in his short film, “Two Scoops”.

  • Twice voted Halifax’s favourite actor by the readers of The Coast [].

  • Nominated for ACTRA Maritimes BEST ACTOR Award.

  • Nominated 2x for a Theatre Nova Scotia Award (Best Actor & Best Supporting Actor).

Ultimately, after spending 9 years hanging out on sets, my focus began to drift; I started to feel an ever increasing pull towards writing & directing, as opposed to performance. I had collaborated first-hand with some of the province’s finest filmmakers and I was feeling emboldened to start making films of my own.

For whatever reason, though, I initially sat on that impulse and held off on making any big career changes. It wasn’t until the spring of 2015 when the Nova Scotian Liberal Party [headed by Stephen McNeil] suddenly decided to cut the province’s film / tv tax credits, essentially blowing up the industry overnight, that I was forced into action.

Before departing for Toronto, I decided to kickoff my adventure into filmmaking with a final emphatic FU to Stephen McNeil on behalf of all the hard-working Nova Scotian film industry workers (see #NSFilmJobs to the right).

To this day, I’m still pissed off at the thought of Stephen McNeil but I guess I also have him to thank for the shove out the door.

Backyard wrestling champion (2000) / Photo by Mom

Backyard wrestling champion (2000) / Photo by Mom

Production still from Jason Eisener’s “Streets of Domination” (2006)

Production still from Jason Eisener’s “Streets of Domination” (2006)

Produced by Nelson MacDonald / Shot by Kevin Fraser




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