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Throughout 2018, I dedicated my darnedest efforts towards trying to secure funding for a film project. To date, most of what I've made has been “guerilla” by industry standards, and as a result, I wanted to take that next step and make something that wasn’t held back by its technical limitations. The year came, went, and I found myself empty handed in my noble quest for film financing.

You know that saying, though, that it's always darkest before the dawn? Well, in February [2019], while walking through a miserable snow storm, I got word from Bell Media that “Teething”, a project I’d wrote [and will direct] was selected for their Shorts to Features program.

“An initiative of The Harold Greenberg Fund in association with Crave, the Shorts-to-Features program is designed to green-light and finance the production of short films, in the amount of $32,000 each, from emerging Canadian filmmakers to use as a calling card for a feature film currently in development.”

Anyone who witnessed my snowstorm happy-dance surely thought I was a deranged madman.

I, along with my producing partner Luke Humphrey, am currently in the early stages of pre-production for what will be my first *financed* film project, which we’ll be shooting in the summer. We’re assembling an amazing team and I am stupidly excited for what lies ahead.

The short tells the story of a lonely punch-drunk boxer who suddenly becomes the sole-caregiver for a blood-thirsty baby vampire. Babies, boxers and vampires. What’s not to like?

A sincere thank you to Bell Media and The Harold Greenberg Fund for giving this fella a shot. ⚰

Press release: https://ebosscanada.com/bell-medias-the-harold-greenberg-fund-announces-latest-recipients-of-the-shorts-to-features-program/