It is a gosh-darn privilege to have my work return to Nova Scotian screens later this month as GRAVE CONCERNS plays FIN Atlantic International Film Festival.

Screenings (Shorts Program 3): Saturday, Sept. 15, 3:30PM at Park Lane, Theatre 8 Tuesday, Sept. 18, 9:10PM at Park Lane, Theatre 2

The short, about two gravediggers (played by Tim Walker and Jeff Hanson) toiling away in the wild west, was originally shot as a web series proof-of-concept, but try as I might, I have thus far failed at getting the powers-that-be to fund this dark slapstick comedy beyond the pilot stage.

Be that as it may, I have far from given up on telling this story, so if you're in Halifax for the festival, I cordially invite you to enjoy the first chapter.

Crew: Writer / Director / Editor: Glen Matthews Producer: Adam Massey / Clark Stanley Director of Photography: Mark Corless Assistant Director: Steve Cutler Wardrobe: Holly Lloyd Title Design: Britt Edwards

Cast: Timothy Sellmeyer – Tim Walker Clifton B. Pluck – Jeff Hanson Old Man – Bob Nasmith Dead 1 – Arthur Shain Dead 2 – Petra O’Toole Dead 3 – Jake Thurgood

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