Ladies & gentlemen! My holiday gift to you: my very first feature film screenplay, WRESTLE ISLAND (PDF download), which tells the story of a small maritime island being invaded by an army of professional wrestlers.

Another gift: I teamed up with illustrator-extraordinaire, James Edward Clark, to help bring a few scenes from the script to life:

So why am I just dumping this thing onto the internet?

This film stands very little chance of ever getting made due to the many, many millions of dollars that it would likely cost to pull it off -- this is essentially the film I would make if Hollywood ever gave me a blank cheque to go shoot a movie in Nova Scotia.

As such, I'd very much love to share this script with anyone out there who's interested enough to read it. I think I cooked up something fun here and I hope you agree.

WRESTLE ISLAND (PDF download): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hn9C_e5L1NUUuDpuyrg5BJpECppFe8Oy/

Happy reading & happy holidays, y'all.

Wrestle forever. <3