In the name of science, the Canadian Space Agency sent thousands of chimpanzees on ill-fated voyages to the stars. Not even science could explain what happened next...

This project was the most fun I've ever had making films. Honestly, if I could pair up with awesome pro-wrestlers to make kickass origin stories for the rest of my life, I would be a very happy man.

Growing up, my dream was to become a professional wrestler, so working together with Space Monkey, a wrestler whose work I legitimately love, has been a tremendous privilege for this lifelong rasslin' fan.

Please enjoy. <3

Stills courtesy of Britt Edwards:

CAST Space Monkey - Confidential The Scientist - Dan Sanderson Voiceover - Jake Thurgood

CREW: Glen Matthews - Writer / Director / Editor Mark Corless - Director of Photography Steve Cutler - Assistant Director / Steadycam Op. Adam T. Burke - Audio Technician Petra O'Toole - Production Assistant Britt Edwards - Set Stills Brendan Henry - Visual Composition Nathan Boone - Assistant Editor Alina Sechkin - Pixel Art Werner Mueck - Space Monkey Illustration Featuring "Horse Blood" by Judge Bitch & Original Score by Jason O'Brien Thanks to Adam Massey, Tim Corrigan, Matt Sutherland, Landon Morris & Eric Konecne