whatworkedwebsiteI've decided to do something fun: I'll be hosting an acting workshop next month (Sunday March 15th & 22nd). I've called it WHAT WORKED FOR ME because it just that, a collection of things, big and small, that have worked for me in the acting profession.

This workshop will focus on self-promotion and auditioning technique. It is built to give actors at all levels the skills to (1) promote your work efficiently, by converting self-promotion into opportunities, and to then (2) capitalize on those opportunities with strong auditioning habits.

If you're in Halifax next month and want to take part, send an email to glenmatthewsworkshop@gmail.com to reserve a spot (spaces are limited).

For more info, head over to the Facebook event page @ https://www.facebook.com/events/1540750282866249/

Thanks guys, should be fun.