SavingFacewpAnother year, another Atlantic Film Festival! This year's program launch boasts six films that I worked on (a personal-best). Five films that I performed in, and one that I wrote and directed...

SAVING FACE, short film A masked duo--red and blue--of wrestlers face a crisis of identity in this lavishly produced and energetically shot surrealistic short drama. -Directed by: Glen Matthews -Screening: ATLANTIC SHORTS 5 - Sunday, September 14, 9:30PM – Cineplex Park Lane, Theatre 8 - Encore Screening: Wednesday, September 17, 4:30PM – Cineplex Park Lane, Theatre 7

lure LURE feature film As grad student Rebecca Markowitz (Andrea Norwood) delves into the psyche of a twisted internet predator (Glen Matthews), she finds herself getting in deeper than she ever intended, not only with the predator, but with her own inner demons. -Directed by: Jesse Harley -Screening: Friday, September 12, 9:15PM – Cineplex Park Lane, Theatre 4

heartbeat HEARTBEAT feature film Left with a relationship broken and a dream unfulfilled, Justine (Tanya Davis) opens her world to the unexpected and finds strength in the beat of her heart. -Directed by: Andrea Dorfman -Screening: Friday, September 12, 7:00PM – Cineplex Park Lane, Theatres 5, 7 & 8

thetoll THE TOLL short film In this suspense-filled action short, a toll booth attendant's life is thrown into turmoil when a car crashes into his toll plaza. Scott Simpson’s suspense-filled action short combines the tale of a timid toll collector, two thugs, a bag of money and a femme fatale in a combustible mix of tension, humour and humanity. -Directed by: Scott Simpson -Screening: CBC ATLANTIC SHORTS GALA - Sunday, September 14, 7:00PM – Cineplex Park Lane, Theatres 7 & 8 - Encore Screening: Thursday, September 18, 8:00PM – Cineplex Park Lane, Theatre 5

righteous RIGHTEOUS short film In this curiously provocative race relations short, an African Nova Scotian man is followed around a clothing store by a nervous clerk, with unexpectedly moving results. -Directed by: Cory Bowles -Screening: ATLANTIC SHORTS 2 - Saturday, September 13, 1:30PM – Cineplex Park Lane, Theatre 8 - Encore Screening: Monday, September 15, 2:00PM – Cineplex Park Lane, Theatre 8

holdup THE HOLD UP short film A possible way to secure funds from a bank is explored--multiple times--in this fast-paced, funny and subversive Film5 entry from AFCOOP. -Directed by: Struan Sutherland -Screening: ATLANTIC SHORTS 5 (alongside SAVING FACE) - Sunday, September 14, 9:30PM – Cineplex Park Lane, Theatre 8 - Encore Screening: Wednesday, September 17, 4:30PM – Cineplex Park Lane, Theatre 7

So yeah! Feeling pretty damn spiffy right about now. For a full list of all of the Atlantic films, click this thang:

Congrats to all of the filmmakers and people who worked so hard to get stuff up on the screen this year. Looking forward to consuming as much of it as humanly possible.