drdI've spent the past month in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, helping bring one helluva theatrical beast to it's feet. DILIGENT RIVER DAUGHTER is an adaptation of a novel (written by Bruce Graham) which tells the story of young Charlene Durant (played by Kristin Slaney) over the span of six years.

In the words of my Father, "I wouldn't know a good play from a bad play, but I liked it."

If you can't take his word, Elissa Bernard from The Chronicle Herald called the play "gripping, & beautifully acted" (click here for full review), and Kate Watson from The Coast calls it "a theatrical journey you don't want to miss" (click here for full review).

Myself and a bevy of incredible performers (Wally MacKinnonJohn DarttJenny Munday & Brian Heighton) round out the rest of the cast. The novel was adapted by Scott Burke and directed by Ron Jenkins.

If you make the trip to see the show, please stick around and say hello. DILIGENT RIVER DAUGHTER runs until July 28th. Visit ShipsCompany.com for more info.

Side note: It's kind of eery how many similarities there are between the lead actress Kristin Slaney's life and that of her character, Charlene Durant. Both dream of moving away from their Nova Scotian surroundings to pursue careers as a writer.

Oh! Look at that! An opportunity to mention Kristin's crowd-funding campaign to raise funds so that she can attend Columbia University's prestigious Playwrighting program! Please visit "Slaney Takes Manhattan" and throw whatever you can spare in her direction. She's one of the good ones.