twoscoopsblogI received word today that out of almost 8,000 entrants, my audition for Robert Rodriguez's new collaborative short film, TWO SCOOPS, has been selected to be included in the final film, which you can watch below!

Rodriguez, whom you may know for SIN CITYMACHETEGRINDHOUSE, or the SPY KIDS films teamed with BlackBerry for their Keep Moving project to produce this film. He had this to say about my performance...

I found Glen Matthews to have a very entertaining take on the material. He also gave a terrific comedic performance in an inspired setting. Overall this was my favorite.

Pretty damn neat. I've been a big fan of Rodriguez's for years, but his book "Rebel Without a Crew" was hugely influential for me when I was first getting into acting and filmmaking, but let's not get too sentimental here. C'mon you guys, hold it together.

Now let's watch the damn thing, shall we?

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Again, a huge thank you to Evan Elliott and Michael Doucette for your help with putting this on tape, and Nick Swimm for pointing me out to the competition!