pr002As of last weekend, Colin MacDonald's short film, PRESENCE, is shot and moving swiftly into post-production. In the film, I play Kyle, a musician who begins to question his sanity when his hearing starts to go and something else takes it's place.

Photographer Krista Comeau (kristacomeau.com) came to the set and took a few photos...

Me asking writer/director Colin MacDonald what he thinks about my chest... pr001

Co-star Natasha MacLellan staring at something that's probably creepy... pr003

Oh, and this guy again... pr004

So as I said earlier, PRESENCE is currently in post-production, which is what brings me to my next point: donations! Mr. Colin MacDonald is many things, writer, director, Father, but one thing he unfortunately is not, is made of money. This is why we need you to help out and toss a few shekels into the pot to finish this little big film off.

So head on over to Foster Avenue Productions' website for more set photos and your opportunity to collect a variety of perks for donating! http://FosterAveProductions.wordpress.com/

For now, check out this teaser that MacDonald put together before filming... http://vimeo.com/47629850