mugshotsI'm usually very good at remembering important dates & anniversaries (I have an app for that) but this past December 19th came and went without a pause. This is unfortunate because the 19th marked the 10th anniversary of MUGSHOTS, the feature length film I created and released in 2002 with the assistance of my high school pals, Scott Bailey and Evan Mosher.

MUGSHOTS is shamelessly inspired by MTV's JACKASS, CKY, VIVA LA BAM, and pretty much every other show where young guys are drinking too much and being assholes. And let me tell you we were very good at drinking and being assholes.

Ten years later, I have a whole pile of biased-love for this film and I invite you to check it out below...

Can't get enough of MUGSHOTS? Okay. You're weird. But, feel free to listen to the director's (that's me) commentary: [soundcloud url="" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Happy New Year, folks!