As of today, a vast majority of America now has the option to pick between two films I've worked on. Lucky America.

THE CORRIDOR, the horror/thriller which Fangoria Magazine calls "A masterful sci-fi thriller" is now available to almost 25 million Netflix subscribers as the film hit's the Netflix Instant streaming service (the film is still available on Sony PSN, iTunes and others).

Picnicface's debut feature film, ROLLER TOWN, which Twitch Film calls "...a funny, funny movie." ItĀ hits digital American shelves in all sorts of places today. iTunes, Amazon, and Wal-Mart to name a few. Check your local digital listings.

And for my lovely countrymen, THE CORRIDOR is currently available in Canada on the Sony PSN, iTunes, Rogers, and a whole bunch of other ways. ROLLER TOWN will be hitting Canadian cinemas on the 21st of September!

Are we good?