This is officially the year of many hats for myself, after Writing and Directing my first short film, ROOM SERVICE, and Associate Producing THE LUCKIEST MOST UNLUCKY GUY IN THE WORLD, I will now be Producing Colin MacDonald's PRESENCE.

PRESENCE tells the story of Kyle, a struggling musician who may be losing his grip on reality when he starts hearing strange noises, imperceptible to those around him.

Personally, I've worked with Colin a bunch of times as an actor and it's always been a pleasure. I'm excited to help him bring this script, which I think is his strongest to date, to the big screen.

We'll be shooting in Halifax in late-Fall, early-Winter with the cast to be announced.

For now, MacDonald has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to help make this film a possibility. Contribute if you can.

More info @ Foster Avenue Productions.

Update: 08/18/12 - Teaser trailer added...