Jordan Bimm from Toronto's most-read weekly magazine, NOW!, recently caught THE NUN'S VACATION and gave us 4 N's out of a possible 5...

The cast is uniformly good, with Matthews standing out as funny and downright scary, and together all three make us believe in the lust and violence between every combination of characters possible.

You hear that? It's the sound of me blushing.

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Sonia Borkar from Mooney On Theatre also caught the play and had this to say...

For me, Glen Matthews stole the show. Talk about an outstanding performance. He blew me away with his rage and passion.

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This is easily one of my favourite characters I've ever had the pleasure of playing and I'm so happy that he seems to be striking a cord (one way or another) with the audiences.

The play is only running until April 8th, so if you're in Toronto, I hope you can make it out and catch the show. It's something that we're all very proud of and want to show to as many people as possible.

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