It's with a huge sigh of relief, and an immense amount of pride that I announce that - after being told that I was short-listed (hence: relief) - I have been asked to join the 2012 WOMEN IN THE DIRECTOR CHAIR's Acting Ensemble next month in Banff, Alberta.

The WOMEN IN THE DIRECTOR'S CHAIR program, which takes place in one of our country's greatest arts centres, The Banff Centre, is as follows...

Dedicated to building capacity for mid-career women filmmakers, the Women In the Director's Chair Workshop takes a dynamic approach to traditional fictional storytelling for film and television by combining classroom theory with practical hands-on experiences. Working in a collegial environment with senior-level mentors, peers, and professional actors (ACTRA) and crews (DGC and IATSE), participants develop personal storytelling styles, leadership skills, and techniques.

I don't know who I'm working with yet, but I'm quite excited to find out. I'll be headed there from the 15th to the 29th of January to take part, so please prepare yourself for photos of mountains with me in the foreground.

For more info on the WOMEN IN THE DIRECTOR'S CHAIR program, please visit:

Oh, and have yourself a happy new year!