300th BLOG POST: Regardless of whether or not this is the only weekly produced internet-show in Halifax/Dartmouth, FLAG ON THE PLAY is my favourite weekly produced internet-show in Halifax/Dartmouth, hands down. Hosted by Hugh Stewart and Paul Doucette, the two discuss the week in NFL, and how the Illuminati and other corporate domineers control the world and professional football.

I was more than honoured to don my conspiracy-fact hat, and take over the co-host position this week (Week #14) for FLAG ON THE PLAY, regardless of my extreme apathy towards the sport of American Football.


My only regret? Well, they stuck me in a racist, racist Redskins sweater.

Thanks to the gents for having me in!

Seriously, if you haven't watched their show before, head on over to the FLAG ON THE PLAY YouTube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/flagontheplay911) and catch up on their fantastic show. Really: an interest in football is not essential. Catch up.

PS. This is the 300th blog post that I've conjured up, I sincerely hope you're enjoying the ride.