With the assistance of Mr. Zan Rosborough (Director) and Mr. Paul McCurdy (Director of Photography), I recently shot a scene from a short film script that I wrote called UNDER THE BRIDGE.

We shot only the one scene so that (1) I'd have something extra to chuck onto my demo reel, and (2) to give me something to cut my teeth with and learn how to edit using Final Cut Pro in preparation for editing my first legitimate short film, ROOM SERVICE (more info coming soon). Hopefully, this may lead to us actually shooting the entire UNDER THE BRIDGE short film script some day, but for now, you'll have to settle for a small peak.

For those of you who watched MUGSHOTS (Vimeo link), the feature film I directed when I was 17, you'll recognize my scene partner as Scott Bailey, MUGSHOTS' star.

Here are a couple more stills for your viewing... The scene from UNDER THE BRIDGE should be online sometime in the next week. Hold onward to your butts.