I am happy to announce that as of 2:00am this morning, ROOM SERVICE, my first legitimate short film that I've written and directed, is "in the can". That's film-speak for "my film is shot... hoo-ray". I'm not trying to discount any of my previous directorial offerings, MUGSHOTS, SEPARATE WAYS, or JOG OR DIE, but I mean it when I say that ROOM SERVICE is my first shot at making a legitimate film with a budget, a professional cast, a professional crew operating professional gear. This is a far cry from me, my friends, and a Hi-8 camcorder making dick jokes.

ROOM SERVICE, which tells the story of a Wife confronting her husband's mistress in a hotel room, will enter post-production shortly and endure a lengthy editing process. I'm so incredibly pleased with what we filmed over the past two days, we're going to take our time getting everything right. I would like to thank my cast (a million times over), Vanessa Walton Bone, Molly Dunsworth, Samantha Wilson and Mauralea Austin, as well as my crew, my Assistant Director, Ian Burns; Producer, Andrew Hicks; Director of Photography, Liam Higgins; Sound, Lauren Bell; and Wardrobe, Maria DeRozari. Thank you all for going above and beyond in helping me realize my vision.

For those of you who have helped me in the funding department, I haven't forgotten about you. You're now officially a part of the "Thank You Club". I'll be sending you a behind-the-scenes video in a few days, and as time goes on, I'll be sharing a rough-cut or two for your private viewing pleasure. Nothing but the best for my family.

In related news, ACTRA Toronto's monthly magazine, Performer's, gave us a shout-out for our crowd-sourcing endeavour. Fun fun! That's all for now, I'm still coming down from the seemingly eternal high of directing a script that I wrote. I can't thank those who have helped me enough. Really, I can't.

More to come!