Since HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN's release in cinemas in Canada and across television & computer screens in the United States, there has been a rather vocal community of inspired cinephiles sharing beautiful, twisted works of art that were inspired by Eisener's film. Shown above is Andrew Klass AKA Middle Man Art's (http://middlemanart.com/) artwork featuring my masked mug as The Gang Leader.

This gets filed in the "Neat" category of life.

A few more absurdities...

Left: That's a tattoo. A tattoo FOR LIFE! Center: A gem created by Andrew Barr, featuring The Plague. Right: This gorgeous painting deserves to be atop a fireplace. Beautifully done by Barbi Jollota.

More artwork has been featured over at Jason's Tumblr page (http://jasoneisener.tumblr.com/). For now, enjoy one last piece of work, created by myself: this was my interpretation of how I thought the film should play out...

...pretty good suggestion, eh?