I am ever-so-pleased to report that Evan Kelly's THE CORRIDOR will be having it's United States premiere later on this month in the fine state of Massachusetts! The Boston Underground Film Festival will be screening the film twice; March 26th at 4:30p and March 29th at 7:15p, both screenings to take place at Kendall Sqaure Cinema.

They have a terrific write-up on their website, which even compares which original STAR TREK episode it most closely resembles. The writer, Nicole McConvery offers up a quick review of the film to entice the Mass-holes...

The unfolding action is fiercely unpredictable and thoroughly chilling; a madcap mania overtakes them one by one. This Guys Gone Wild(ly Insane) weekend resonates somewhere between Stand By Me and Event Horizon. At times heartwarming, but mostly horrific, The Corridor is darkly engrossing; hard to look at, but also hard to look away from, it’s a terrifying character study of group dynamics under supernatural pressure.

So if you're in Boston, or know some folks from Beantown, persuade them to attend the screenings for one "wicked pissa" of a good time! I have officially exhausted my Boston-terminology.

Side note: HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN will also be screening at BUFF. But if you have to pick one film, please pick the one where you can see my pretty face: THE CORRIDOR. What a pitch, eh?