I’ve booked my first role in Toronto!

And by booked, I mean I was handed my first role in Toronto! …Fellow Haligonian Nicole Holland is now enrolled in the Film Production course at the Toronto Film School, where she and her classmates had to create a commercial for an actual product.

I was given the task of playing a news anchor in the commercial directed by the wonderful Kyle Rogers. The ad should be online in roughly another week’s time!

I know that many of you had not envisioned a student film commercial as the pinnacle of success that I was striving for when I moved out here to Toronto, but I want to assure you all that I have a firm belief that Toronto was the correct move, at the correct time. These things do not happen overnight. This is a lifelong task I’ve taken on, and I’m enjoying the process. I’ve been taking part in many different classes, having my mind everlastingly blown week-in and week-out. There is no target, no end result, just the process.

"Love the art in you, not yourself in the art." -Konstantin Stanislavsky

Whoa, I bet I’m looking awfully pretentious from afar right about now.

I’m happy—I could be happier if I wasn’t knee-deep in a long-distance relationship on Valentine’s Day, though.