5,000 STRONG

That’s right! I have hit 5,000 Tweets twatted on Twitter! Regardless of whether or not this is actually something that I should be celebrating, I will be doing just that.

“But how will you be marking this momentous occasion, Glen?”

I am currently in the process of getting MUGSHOTS (click here to check out the trailer), my 2002 feature length experimental film that up until this point has never been online, in full, uninterrupted. In the coming days, you’ll be able to sit down, hit play and enjoy 57 minutes of teenagers doing illegal things (damn, that should have been our tagline).

“But Glen, I’ve already seen MUGSHOTS in it’s entirety on VHS, what do you have for me, the dedicated fan?”

In celebrating my 5,000th Tweet, I will be purchasing a bottle of Shiraz, coming back home, putting on MUGSHOTS, and recording the very first director’s commentary track for the film as I get sloppy-drunk! The commentary will be available here, via stream or (hopefully) MP3 download sometime soon.

Stay tuned, you beautiful people. And remember, if you’d like to read 5,000 more Tweets, then head on over to Twitter.com/GlenJM!