Not long after posting yesterday’s blog entry featuring the trailer for THE CORRIDOR, and lamenting about the fact that the film has not been screening very much, I received a message from a lovely Film Nova Scotia employee informing me that there is in fact a screening of THE CORRIDOR coming up in Halifax!

Not only a screening, but a FREE screening...

Film Nova Scotia and Empire Theatres will be hosting a free Screening night on Wednesday, February 23rd at the Oxford Theatre.

Produced by Craig Cameron and Mike Masters, directed by Evan Kelly and written by Josh MacDonald, this feature film follows five best friends through a male bonding weekend they will never forget. They’ve been best buddies for more than a decade, but now they’re changing - getting married, getting promoted, going bald, and going crazy. During a much needed weekend away to bring them together, they discover a special corridor through the woods - an impossible hallway where none should be. It will take these five men into fear, betrayal and the biggest change of them all; by weekend’s end…. they’ll all be dead!

To view the movie trailer, please visit

Screening Nights are presented by Film Nova Scotia and Empire Theatres. They are held four times a year and allow local audiences to see homegrown film productions and enable local filmmakers to promote their work.

We hope to see you at the screening!

THE CORRIDOR Screening Facebook Event Page:

Also yesterday, I was reminded of the fact that the path to independent film distribution can be a long one, but not to lose hope, as there are many options still available (and that are being explored) for this story to be shared. Long-gone are the days of shooting something, and having it on Youtube 24 hours later (thank god). If there’s one lesson to be learned from yesterday’s paragraph of woe, is that I still have many aspects of the film industry of which I’m not knowledgeable.

Go to bed, Glen.

So Wednesday, February 23rd, get your butts to the Oxford Theatre at 7:00pm to be treated-to / tortured-by THE CORRIDOR!