FOND FAREWELLAuthor: Glen Matthews January 29th, 2011 - 12:52pm

Hello blog, the last time we spoke I was half-way through my return home and developing a bit of a nasty cough. Well that cough then developed into a nasty flu. And that flu developed into an intense depression over the fact that I'm not in Park City with a bunch of awesome people any more. Seriously. It's like camp is over.

Although I'm happy to report that my cough, and flu symptoms have passed, I'm still going through a little bit of Sundance withdrawal. Actually, myself and Kevin A. Fraser (HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN's behind-the-scenes-documentary director) are checking out Denis Villeneuve's INCENDIES today, the Canadian film playing at Sundance that has just been nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.

Despite the sickness, this trip down to Sundance was even better than last time (although I did manage to get shingles last time). There's something truly magical about it. Almost everyone you encounter has a film in Sundance, either that they directed, wrote, acted, or picked up garbage for. And although my part in Hobo was not a huge one (ET Canada did not request an interview with me at the time of this blog-post), I had an immense pride in the project; being able to say I was there from stage one, and also to see something from Nova Scotia grow into such a true force, something that is officially a part of pop culture, that is really terrific to witness.

First TRAILER PARK BOYS, now HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN: I'm glad that we Nova Scotians are at the forefront of making the rest of the world think Canadians are fucked.

One thing that hasn't been touched on much on the blog, was the night that we checked out the protest of Kevin Smith's RED STATE by the Wesboro Baptist Church ( Much the same as shark attacks, nuclear power-plant meltdowns, and other mind-blowing events, the Westboro Baptist Church's methods of protest were so extreme that we couldn't pass up the opportunity to view something that (like it or not) is so chock-full of shock-value.

We were not let down.

My favourite sign was definitely a toss-up between "GOD HATES YOUR FEELINGS" and "FAG ENABLER". I would buy a t-shirt of either or those.

Just when the novelty started to wear-off and the horror started to set-in, Kevin Smith came outside surrounded by fans and papparazzi. We were standing right in his path, and thus we were standing in the papparazzi's path. It was fascinating to experience the physical rush of a crowd of papparazzi as they surround their target. It was violent, it was quick, it was desperate. Like a damned feeding frenzy!

Christ. Not gonna lie. Wish they would have protested Hobo.

Last but not least, check out HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN on Entertainment Tonight Canada! BLUTS! [vodpod id=Video.5460427&w=425&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

Anyways, this is my last entry on the blog in regards to Sundance '11. Thank you all so much for following along with our adventures here on the blog, it was a true honour to represent this movie, and Nova Scotia, and Canada on one of the greatest stages of them all! Thank you.

PS. I'm told that there are still a couple of folks who have blog entries to chuck up on here, so stay tuned for that!