INSERT CLEVER TITLE HEREAuthor: Glen Matthews January 26th, 2011 - 5:17am

I am currently in hour 19 of my marathon back home to Toronto. I was trying to sleep in the airport when approximately 20 Chinese children decided to turn where I was sleeping into a playground... Where's those Tiger Moms when you need them?

In other news (that actually matter), via the official HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN Facebook Fan Page, the boys have announced that the film will be released on March 25th, 2011! Mark your Nuns-Having-Fun calendars, people!

More fun! HOBO's composer Russ Howard III has made five MP3s from the official soundtrack available on his web page over @ Well worth a listen!

Last but not least (okay, it is least), I recorded a video last night before bed-time in an attempt to maintain contact with non-TSA humanity. Are you out there?...

Remedy for this situation: hot cakes & sausage.