KING OF THE B'SAuthor: Henry Townsend January 24th, 2011 - 7:38pm

(I am pleased to welcome the blog's second guest-blogger, Mr. Henry Townsend, the film's blood/make-up effects assistant.)

Yesterday after waking up from an amazing time at the second screening of HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, which played in the Salt Lake city location,  Glen Matthews and myself decided to hit up an afternoon screening at the Redstone Theatre of a really great documentary called Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel.

The Documentary was about the great American Producer/Director Roger Corman who is recognized as the King of the B-movie and godfather of the exploitation. It featured many producers and directors as well as many recognized actors talking about how Corman had a great influence on their lives and that pretty much molded careers. Most notable was Jack Nicolson,. It was really cool hearing him talk about him, and how much of a HUGE impact he was.  The documentary also goes into talking about the many films that Corman has directed and produced.

It was a really great documentary especially for those people that didn’t know who he actually was and what he did since his era had almost been lost to the really big budget Hollywood films.

After the documentary was done, and the credits rolled by, and the lights went up and the programmer announced a Q&A with Alex Stapleton(Documentarian) and Roger Corman himself!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glen was able to cram in a question in the very short QnA session then as soon as the session was done they both people quickly rushed out to their shuttle. We ended up following the large herd of people following Roger Corman to his shuttle and knew that there was no chance I’d get a chance to talk to him.  But all of a sudden Corman totally intercepted me and one of my heroes I'd always look up to was standing right in front of me!!!! I didn’t know what to do but an overwhelming wave of stokedness took over and I went into total nerd mode!! I told him that he was an amazing influence and look forward to checking out his upcoming films! He queitly said “thank you” as security was yelling “we gotta go!”. With Glen holding my camera (Glen I owe you big time), and a security guard trying to pull him away I got Glen to take a photo of a quick photo op of me and him!

Totally amazingly stoked!!!!!

Glen and I were so pumped and it was all we were talking about it the whole way back to the town house.

When we got in from the film, we rounded up some people from the place  (Zander R , Zoe D, Adam B and Krista C.), to check out the evil side of American culture involving the Westboro Baptist family during the premier screening of Kevin Smith’s RED STATE. It was pretty insane. It was the most scariest thing I had ever witnessed in real life. I was completely speechless, all I could do was take photos and record everything of what  was happening.

Kevin Smith and followers later fought back by coming out and facing them face to face with really hilarious picketing signs including “God thinks megan is hot!!” “God hates press screenings” “God hates fat”.

Over all it was today was one of the most eventful days of my entire life.