SUNDANCE '11 - Update #3

THE MORNING AFTERAuthor: Glen Matthews January 22nd, 2011 - 12:30pm

Last night was the night that we all were waiting for--the HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN world premiere. Check out these handsome devils, looking all proud and what-not...

Let me apologize in advance if my brain isn't able to write proper sentences this morning. We had ourselves a really terrific night. Really terrific (that's secret-speak for "open bar"). Thus, let's try and do this blog entry as economical as possible, so I can go back to sipping tea and avoiding bright lights.

The screening was amazing. No other way to put it. The amount of pride that I felt for a movie that I had only technically spent one day working on, was enormous. Realistically though, I've been privileged to witness the creation of this cinematic anomaly from it's inception, and wouldn't have missed this night for the world.

Check out Jason Eisener & Rob Cotterill's intro for the premiere last night...

Myself and Mr. Henry "Stoked" Townsend (Make-Up Effects) all spiffy'd up with our premiere to attend... Literally within an hour of the film ending, glowing reviews started popping up online. Three great reviews are HitFix (, UGO ( and Vulture Magazine ( There are plenty others online, so do yourself some Googling if you like!

That's all for now. Back to my solitude den for now. Another Hobo screening tonight in Salt Lake City!

Oh, and PS. The short film that played before Hobo, THE LEGEND OF BEAVER DAM (also Canadian) was effing terrific! One of the best short flicks I've had the pleasure of viewing. G'Oh Canada!