I owe a large amount of thanks to my fellow creators who also worked on LOGAN AND I, Michael McPhee (Writer/Actor), Scott Burke (Director), and Annie Valentina (Producer), thank you all so much for making the past 4 weeks as painless as possible. I say "painless" because it's been a couple years since I've done theatre (not counting last month's Once Upon an Evening of Short Plays), and I was fully aware how catostrophically disastarous a return to theatre could be after such a long absence.

Four weeks after the fact, I am now fully convinced: theatre is a completely different beast than film.

I am honestly so honored to have played the part of Logan in LOGAN AND I, Michael really has written a beautiful play with a strong universal theme running throughout it. Going into the run of the show, I didn't realize or appreciate just how universal it was until I talked to the people who were in audience and I was really moved by what they had to say.

Forgive my sentimentality, I know it has no place on the hatred-filled-internetz.

In other fun news, I got my first reference in a review (baby-steps) as Kate Watson from The Coast said "Actor Glen Matthews brings the perfect amount of a vulnerability to the damaged Logan, so that he’s painted in shades of grey rather than being seen only as a villain."

Back pat.

Let's end on that note, shall we? Thank you to everyone involved in the Queer Acts Festival, especially Adam Reid, and all of the volunteers who I pretended that I was cooler than (I wasn't); congrats to the other two shows, you inspired my heterosexual ass!

Fare thee well.