The Coast, Best of!

THE COAST, Halifax's premiere free publication (no, I didn't forget about you, FACES) is currently in the final stages of voting for their yearly awards, handed out to awesome people, who ask lots of their friends to vote for them. So, I'm asking you to vote for me as your favourite "Local Film/TV Actor". coast You are required to register with (which takes about 2 minutes, so do it), and fill in a minimum of 10 categories to submit your votes. Not sure who to vote for? Let me throw a handful of suggestions your way...

  • Best Visual Artist: Best Film/TV Actor: Glen Matthews
  • Best Visual Artist: James White
  • Best Film/TV Actress: Mary Fay Coady (I think Ellen Page can do without your vote)
  • Best Theatre Actor: Ben Stone
  • Best Theater Actress: Sue LeBlanc Crawford
  • Best Comedian: Peter White (Mark Little has 25k to console him)
  • Best Local Filmmaker: Jason Eisener
  • Best Local Newspaper Writer: Mark Palermo
  • Best Festival: Atlantic Film Festival
  • Best Movie Theater: Oxford Theater
  • Best Salesperson: Dave Howlett
  • Best Comics Store: Strange Adventures
  • Best Retail Clothing Store (Women's): Pretty Things Boutique

Voting ends on Thursday, September 24th, so head on over to and VOTE!