For those of you who are either (A) friends with me on The Facebooks, or (B) follow my tweets on Twitter, you may have noticed that I posted/tweeted an entry that went as follows, "Just had myself a terrible audition. Please send cookies."

Well as it turns out, I don't need none (double-negative, I know) of your pity-cookies, because I wasn't as terrible as I had thought I was because I received a phone call from my agent earlier today informing me that I got the part. The project that I have been cast in is a miniseries based on...moby_dick

That's right! Mother fucking "MOBY DICK"!

Please send in your sea-faring falic jokes to .

This adventure will provide me an opportunity to complete one of my life goals: to achieve only one degree of separation between myself and Ethan Hawke, who is rumored to be playing the part of Ishmael (via TV Squad).


In all seriousness, this is pretty darned awesome! I'm going to have an opportunity to work with some very well established actors, within the confines of a literary masterpiece. Shooting is set to begin early October.

Today has been a good day.