My Incredibly Biased Recommendation of 11:11

The Fall season is creeping up on us quickly, and with it comes two of my favourite local festivals: The Atlantic FILM Festival, and the Atlantic FRINGE Festival. Both festivals offer me a chance to showcase myself and my talents, thus making me feel even more important. We all win. This year, I am not partaking in the Fringe fest, but allow me to recommend one show for your viewing pleasure and explain my ties to said show...

  1. My ladyfriend, Kristin Slaney, is one of the beauties to star in the play.
  2. My good friends, Jessica Barry, Rebecca Falvey, John Han & Meghan Hubley are the other beauties.
  3. I designed the poster for this show (seen below).
  4. I took production photos of this show (also seen below).

The show in question is 11:11, created by all of the wonderful people listed above. Check out the poster I created below (click for larger view)...


I saw a scene from the show earlier today when I took production photos, and I was genuinely excited about what they have created.

During the Summer months, 4 out of 5 of the cast members taught theatre school to children & teenagers at Neptune Theatre School, and from what I have seen & heard of the play, it seems they have really managed to take that experience and build this great, inventive piece that truly reflects the energy and magic of those "wonder years" without alienating us big grown-ups.

Hannah and Veronica, the world's two loveliest sisters, have always believed in magic, moon sprites, superheroes and each other. But a tragedy is upon them: Hannah is on the verge of her 13th birthday, a time when boys and make-up erode the power of dreams. What happens when the wish to grow up comes true earlier than it was supposed to, and what do you leave behind? An original play, featuring all original music. Make a wish on "11:11" at this year's Atlantic Fringe Festival.

The show runs September Thursday 3rd 8:50PM, Saturday 5th 6:50 PM, Sunday 6th 3:10 PM AND 7:30 PM, Monday 7th 2:20PM, Tuesday 8th 7:20 PM, Thursday 10th 7:20 PM, Saturday 12th 8:00 PM, Sunday 13th 3:40 PM at The Bus Stop Theatre; admission is merely $6, so I strongly suggest you check it out.

For any further details (and production photos) check out the Facebook event page over @


Look at all them pretty people!

PS. Amanda "The Way I See It" Campbell (that's her blog's moniker, not a rude nickname), has also featured the 11:11 gang with an indepth interview over at her theatre blog: