Close Encounters w/ Andrew WK

A couple weeks back, I mentioned on this very blog that cult-phenomenon/epic party-er Andrew WK was coming to Halifax to grace us with his intensity. He came, he went, and I had one of the best nights of my life. Below, is a series of photos too great not to share. Memories supplied by my dear friend Michael Russel... PARTY HARD!

...oh, and before you ask, yes, the headband was necessary.


awk01-1 ...Yes, that's my chin he's tickling.

awk03 I cannot believe that this photo exists.

awk01 This photo was taken on-stage. Fuck you Security.


Such a fun night.

Also, I'm happy to announce that AndrewWK has Twitter, and you need to follow him, here is an excerpt...

Despite what you may've heard, Monday is actually the best day to PARTY! Spread the word so we all have a Funday, not just a "Monday".