Mothers, Mongeese & Techno

In the course of the past week, a hand-full of (and by hand-full I mean three) projects have crept into my schedule. Myself, along with fellow Neptune Theatre Pre-Professional Training Program graduate Sher Clain have been cast in DaPoPo Theatre's upcoming production of Christopher Hampton's "When Did You Last See My Mother?" which will run this November at Theatre Nova Scotia (The Space). Steven Bourque will be directing.

On Sunday, I met up with Dan Jardine (director of Scanner) for an expirimental tecnho dance shoot, where we ran around and got sweaty. Hawt. Like I said, it's an experiment, so he's messing around with the footage as many ways possible. Stay tuned.

Sean Grady's bounty-hunter mockumentary "Operation Mongoose." (produced by cool guy Matt Chisholm) is currently in the final stages of post production. He got me out last week to do a voice over for the minor character of DJ Daryl, which earned me another illustrious IMDb credit, and subsequently up'd my popularity by 311% last week; this week however, I'm down 13%. Horseshit.

Below, is a still frame from "Operation Mongoose.", I'll post the trailer when it's made available.