Life Management Skills

One whole month without an update is downright dispicable! The reasoning behind this is (A) I've got nothing going on right now, and (B) I'm not getting off of my ass and creating anything right now. In the past month, I have moved into a new apartment in North End of Halifax, celebrated my birthday in Montreal, worked too much at the movie theatre, and submerged myself into NHL09 on the Xbox 360.

It has become a problem.

I have always been for the most part a casual gamer (aside from a couple Final Fantasy games), but in recent years, EA Sports' NHL series has mercilessly been tearing the essence of life straight out of me. I have no idea how many hours I have spent playing this game, but I know the number would surely tarnish my family name.

What I do know is that Glen Matthews, #45 Captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs (which is weird because I hate the Leafs-- SPORTZ TALK!) just came off of his best season yet recording 61 goals and 31 assists, capturing the Art Ross Trophy and the Conn Smythe Trophy in the process... and somewhere deep down, I know I'm proud.

My alter ego...


What an a-hole.

So in an attempt to win back my life, I recently bought (for $0.99) the iPod Touch application Total ToDo that allows you to create checklists. Pretty minimalistic, but I need it.

So I feel I have my gaming habits under control now that I can divy up my day into random tasks, that is until Batman Arkham Asylum (oh-em-gee) comes out in August! FYI: For years I've had recurring dreams where I'm Batman.


  • As of one week ago, I have put on 25 lbs since the beginning of Operation Beefcake.
  • I switched the blog back to it's old format. Simple. Sleak. Sexy. Hope you like!
  • Tomorrow, I'm filming something for a show on Discovery HD where I get to dress up like a Spanish Conquistador and get shot with an arrow! Pictures to follow!
  • I have an audition in a couple weeks for a theatre production. I've read 3/4 of the script and love it thus far. My technique: I'm not allowing myself to read the last portion of the script until I actually get the part. It's that good! Fingers crossed.
  • A week from tomorrow is July 16th, AKA Andrew WK in Halifax day! I've got my ticket, do you?...


It's Whopper Wednesday everybody! Celebrate!