Various News

Ten days since my last post?! Absurd! To remedy this awful blog-maintenance, I hope to please you with a variety of project news...

-Operation Beefcake (quick recap) is my attempt to gain roughly 40 pounds of fat and/or muscle for an upcoming film. As of last Sunday (my last visit to a house with a scale), I am weighing in at 160 pounds, that's 15 pounds worth of gross that I've added since beginning Operation Beefcake just over a month ago!


Special thanks goes to...


Banana shakes fo' life!

-Thrillema (quick recap) is a group of awesome people who bring 35mm film prints to Dartmouth for the masses to enjoy in an film-viewing experience that can only be matched by pro-wrestling and monster trucks! For those of you who were lucky enough to snag tickets to Jurassic Park at the Thrillema, you saw my ass get eaten by a dinosaur (played by Andy the Handy Alligator)!

April 30th, Thrillema is showing Conan the Barbarian as their last screening in Dartmouth (before moving over to Halifax).


-Cory Bowles' short film Righteous is set to start shooting the first week of June!

-IMDb has updated my page by adding Phone Whores (2007), the short film I did that was directed by Daniel Gaynor. I'm in the process of re-submitting my proposal to get an IMDb credit for Grindhouse, because Hobo With a Shotgun was attached to the film (in Canada). So if you have an account with IMDb, I ask you do me a solid and submit a credit application for Grindhouse for me. But why? Because it looks good on a resume.

It's a beautiful day outside, so I'm gonna stop typing now. Have a good one and keep doing it for the lulz.

PS. This is the 100th blog post! Celebrate?