Headrush Set Photos

This past weekend I worked on Headrush, (the directorial debut from Paul McLeod) the short film tells the story of a breakup set in a world where people can blow up other people's heads with their minds. Wacky tabackie. The film features a kickass cast of myself, Matthew Nette, Evany Rosen, Pardis Parker, and a lovely girl named Harriet. Never asked for her last name, but for blog purposes, her last name will be: The Spy (HARRIET THE SPY, GET IT?!)

Here's some set photos from Sunday's shoot provided by Andrew Noseworthy...



DOP Colin MacDonald (left) and Director Paul McLeod (right) set up the shot moments before we all took a five minute break to watch a pigeon eat from a hard-to-reach bird-feeder.

headrush-41 Shimmer!


headrush-6 My "acting" face.

headrush-8 Jason Grant operating sound and pretending not to be sexy. Oh my, the amount of times that man heard me go to the bathroom with my lapelle mic on is pretty disturbing.


headrush-111 Matthew wearing the bounce as a diaper. Thanks AFCOOP!

headrush-20 Gore MASTER Henry Townsend gets ready to unleash an explosion of blood.

headrush-12 Evany Rosen is pictured here having the unfortunate duty of being first to be shot with blood.

headrush-14 Matthew Nette AKA Graham Chapman lookalike.




Headrush will likely see a release in the Fall, but I'll hopefully get more stuff up on here before then!