Zan Rosborough Reports From the B.U.F.F.

Zan Rosborough (Sound Designer for Treevenge, The Scavengers & Blood Shed) reports on The Boston Underground Film Festival via the internetz... buff

"Whew. Just got back to Halifax from Boston where I was attending the Boston Underground Film Festival (BUFF) and I thought that I would share my experience with you all.

I was the Sound Designer on three of the Halifax films playing in the festival (Treevenge, Scavengers and Blood Shed) and made the trip down to Boston with Jeff Wheaton who was also the Director of Photography on all three of the same films (we've both agreed that we're pretty much the film tekkie whores of Halifax after having worked together on numerous local short films).

Picking up our sweet gasoline/electric Toyota hybrid rental, we made the "not-as-long-as-Google-Maps-says-it's-going-to-be" drive to Boston in about 10 hours. From a driving perspective, Boston is a lot like Halifax - tonnes of no left-hand turns and one-way streets (except a hell of a lot more of them). After making a few wrong turns and a couple of lucky guesses, Jeff and I made it to our hotel (The Sheraton Commander) and got settled.

We met up with Cory Bowles (Director for Scavengers) who had flown in earlier that day. Cory is the most experienced with Boston streets out of all of us and was quick to show us where the festival and cinemas were. We picked up our festival passes, briefly met with some of the organizers and volunteers for BUFF and promptly hit up an Irish pub.

Sam Adam's is an awesome beer.

The next day (Friday) we had some really good crepes to kick the day off and did a little roaming around Boston. We met up with a Director/DP from Montreal named Karim Hussain who is also one of Rob Cotterill's (Producer/Writer for Treevenge) long-time friends and was a great guy to have around. He was very friendly, energetic and helpful during our stay and I'm stoked to work with him in upcoming projects. Gary Ferguson (Special FX/Firearms Master Extraordinaire for Blood Shed) made the trip down and met up with us at the same Irish pub as the night before (I couldn't get enough of their steak-tipped sandwich, so fucking good). Jason Shipley (Director/Writer for Blood Shed) met up with us back at the hotel and [for this trip] our posse was complete.

Time for some films.

All three of the Halifax films were playing in the Brattle Theater in Cambridge just outside of the Harvard campus, it was a short walk from our hotel and the films would screen in the same night. Although BUFF is a pretty small festival, there was a great turnout for our screenings and the crowd loved and responded well to all three of the films. All of the films that played with ours were really good with many to note:

Dead Girl - Terrifying. Probably one of the most disturbing films I have ever seen, but at the same time so well done. Just when I thought I was a pretty desensitized guy, I feel like I'm even more desensitized now. Dead Girl has raped my cerebral cortex into next week. Just when you think they aren't going to go there, they go there and beyond! Dead Girl was definitely one of our favorite films that were were able to see.

God's Cocksuckers - Hilarious. Just pure hilarity from front to back.

Electric Fence - Have you ever seen realistic footage of someone cutting their cock off with cuticle scissors? I have.

Heart of Karl - Undead monsters meet Sparta's 300 and Mortal Combat. I was very impressed how this film was done and it's interesting story.

The Procedure - Very interesting with a few laughs in there for good measure and beautifully shot. There was a ghost-trapping machine that I thought was really well built and emitted very appropriate sounds.

...and so many friggin' more! The organizers and programmers of this year's BUFF should be given a gold star for their work. We were invited to see Morris County, but to our disappointment had to take off before it started. It's too bad that we didn't have more time in Boston, hopefully we'll get some more time to hang out next year!

We drove back to Halifax yesterday and made it home just in time to return to our day-jobs. Yay! Back at 'er!

-Zan Rosborough"