Roller Town Premiere!

In mid September, I managed to infiltrate the comedy troupe Picnicface for a weekend (I did a blog update on the weekend, go figure), while they filmed Roller Town; a trailer for a fake feature length film that they hope to produce in the future, if all goes well. rollertownstill

Well the time has come and director Andrew Bush has decided to screen the trailer paired with the wonderful Troll 2 (1990) on March 20th at Bus Stop Theatre (2203 Gottingen Street). Here's a link to the Facebook event if you're into that kind of thang: Roller Town & Troll 2!!

From the event...

In September Picnicface set on daunting task. To shoot a trailer for a movie not yet made. Well, it's finished and although it may be released on the internet before its offical premiere, please come out and celebrate with Picnicface!

Pluuus, we'll be showing the best worst Movie ever made TROLL 2! Fresh with comments and drinking games! This is going to be some mother of a party.

Yes, it's a real mustache. Come out, get drunk and laugh!