Cream of the Crap Movie Reviews

Last night, I had the pleasure of experiencing my first two films with the wonderful Cream of the Crap group; their Facebook group info is as follows...

The preeminent Facebook group solely devoted to the love and preservation of cheesy, shitty B-Movies, cult classics, grindhouse flicks and genre films. We take a risk on each one of these movies; It could be a masterpiece - or it could be crap.

Our mission: to view, review and survive...The Cream of the Crap. Do you have what it takes?

cotc The two films we watched were Rabid Grannies & Undefeatable. For the group, this was their 97th and 98th films watched and reviewed since their beginning in June '07. That's a lot of crap!

Review: Rabid Grannies (1988) They love their grandchildren... well done! rabbidgrannies This film has me a tiny bit torn --perhaps my standards are still a bit too high for Cream of the Crap, but the film took too damn long to deliver on it's namesake. Early on you're treated to some over-the-top British acting accompanied by some clunky American voice overs that are there to make it seem less British (thanks American distributors).

Once the grand-ladies make their villainous turn, the film kicks into gear with some pretty amazingly cheesy & brutal special effects. The time spent away from the ladies is boring, and there was even a lesbian sub plot that didn't deliver! Shenanigans!

Coronation Street meets Evil Dead?

While the film was not the smoothest of rides, when it was going good, it definitely supplied enough gore and laughs for me to personally give it a recommendation.

STATUS: Recommended.

Review: Undefeatable (1993) Out of the ring, into the fire... in a fight to the finish! undefeatable I honestly don't know where to begin. I finished this film about two hours ago and I can still feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins.

Some background on the film: a clip from one of the film's climactic battles has been arguably titled one of the best fight scenes ever, something that I can agree with. Here is the clip in question:


The film features Stingray (Don Niam) as the nemesis, a man whose professional street fighting career is ruining his home life, so much so that he rapes his wife then pretends it didn't happen, prompting his wife Anna to leave him, thus turning him loco. He becomes a serial kidnapper/rapist/murderer of any woman that looks like his wife; oh, and he steals their eye balls because it's fucked! It's up to Police Officer Nick DiMarco with the help of the fiery street-fightin' redhead Kristi Jones (a Kathy Griffin lookalike) to stop him.

The film is right in all the wrong places. Some pretty decent choreography, some absurd dialogue and one of the best endings to a film EVER.

If you want 5 high fives at once, then go watch this movie!

STATUS: WHOLE HEARTADLY RECCOMENDED! Buy it or if you must, download it @

So check out the Cream of the Crap on Facebook, so you can see which movies they're watching and follow along with the shit!