Damn You Depp!

Yesterday, my tiny actor heart was broken when it was announced that after years of back and forth deliberation, Hunter S. Thompson's The Rum Diary would begin production in Puerto Rico next month (see: http://www.slashfilm.com/). rumdiary

The Rum Diary has been one of my favourite books for a little while, and as a self-indulgent actor, I couldn't help but try and cast myself in a role or two in my mind. Johnny Depp is set to play the lead role of Paul Kemp, a toned-down version of the Hunter S. Thompson we all know and love.

Now I have no illusions of grandeur or fame, but I do have a horrible case of wishful thinking. Over-optimism at it's very worst. The thought process (as ludicrous as I know it is) goes as follows: (1) pre-production for The Rum Diary continues for years, (2) people forget about it, (3) someone remembers it, (4) producers remember it, (5) it gets greenlit again, (6) cancer is cured, (7) Johnny Depp is determined to be too old to play the role, (8 ) they hire up and coming hipster/actor Glen Matthews to play the part of Paul Kemp and live out one of his (Matthews') wonderful dreams.

Until that alternate universe crashes into this one, I will concede that Johnny Depp will likely put more butts in the seats than Glen Matthews; that, and he probably knew Hunter S. Thompson a lot better than I.

But it still doesn't stop the hurt.

Here is a short list (isn't that what blogs are for?) of other production-announcements that will undoubtedly break my heart...

  • The live-action Star Wars TV series, which George Lucas described as "Deadwood meets The Sopranos in space".
  • The upcoming World War Z (click here for concept art!)
  • The rumored Big Lebowski spinoff featuring The Jesus (John Turturro).
  • Anything Simon Pegg, Nick Frost & Edgar Wright do together.
  • A semi-famous actor's brief crossover into professional wrestling...


Now you can follow along the dissapointments of my life with me! Stay tuned for more!