Sundance Variety Blog #12!

By Zan Rosborough: First of all, I will mention everyone who went on this Sundance adventure and who made up the Treevenge posse. There was Jason Eisener (Director/Writer), Rob Cotterill (Producer/Writer), John Davies (Camera Op, Tree Actor), Jon Eisener (Tree Actor/SF2 Expert), Adam Burke (Composer), Henry Townsend (Special FX), Glen Matthews (Actor), Jack and Nora Eisener (Biggest supporters) and myself (Location Audio Recordist/Sound Designer).

I thought the Sundance experience was awesome. It was my first time being there and I'm told that this year was a "low" year, which blew me away because there was still lots of people there to watch films and lots of filmmakers to network with. Park City is really just a one street town and both sides of it's Main Street was packed with people every day. We all had the opportunity to watch various films, both dramatic and documentary, all of which were done very well, there wasn't one film that I disliked!

We also had the opportunity to socialize with other filmmakers of all types, everyone we met was very supportive of Treevenge and loved it! I don't think there was any negative feedback.

There are some great stories on the blog as well as more details on what happened (with more to be added soon!).

I'm honoured to be part of the group representing Treevenge and Nova Scotia at Sundance this year. I feel very fortunate to not only be part of a filmmaker's group with similar interests as my own, but to know that we're all really good friends at the same time. I was really inspired when I talked to the folks who made Black Dynamite and the folks who made Slammin' Salmon and they told me that they are very much the same way.


Onwards and upwards!