Sundance Variety Blog #9!

By Glen Matthews: Last night, we had our second screening of TREEVENGE at Sundance, which once again, went very well. We played with Dead Snow again (as we will for the rest of the festival), and the audience seemed to enjoy both of our offerings.


Eisener & Cotterill introducing TREEVENGE to the crowd as Rob is caught in a rare moment of happiness...


And now to even things up, a photo of Rob from the first screening where he's appearing in his true demonic form...


Today, I had my first chance to check out a film in the SlamDance Film Festival, which also runs in Park City. From what I've seen, SlamDance is sort of a smaller, Mom & Pop version of Sundance with horrible (yet charming) venues. The film in question is The Slammin' Salmon, the new film from Broken Lizard, the wonderful folks who brought us Super Troopers, Club Dread & Beerfest.


After the screening, Zander and I stormed the gents and got a photo taken with a few of my favourite talents working in film today!...


I have no idea why I look so damn angry, but I do know why I look happy in the photo below...


Pictured with my haggard ass is April Bowlby, who was also featured in the film and had one of my favourite female comedic performances I've seen on film in a little while.

Tomorrow is our last full day in Utah! We have one more screening at midnight tomorrow night, and then we're headed back to Halifax (or Dartmouth as the others would say)!

For those of you reading in the Halifax Regional Municipality, buses in Utah are free, and they run on time! It's absurd. They are also categorized by colors, which lead to an exchange with a transit employee who told me I'd want to take the pink & the brown. Seriously.

God speed! More to come.