Sundance Variety Blog #6!

By Jason Eisener: Alright! the theme of this trip is "If your coming on, THEN COME ON!" which is a quote by the great Herold Howard


Sundance has been friggin crazy and a little surreal. I finally got some sleep last night which was much needed, I was starting to fade away at the Telefilm party last night.

Ill give a quick low down of whats been going on: Friday we spent all day on flights, we had 3 stop overs and we finally got to our hotel in New Park around 9:30pm which is 12:30am home time. We chilled out, hung out with the parents, played some Street Fighter, got groceries, and then went to bed to get up at 6:30 the next morn. I didn't get much sleep, the thought of the next day, and our upcoming screening was a little overwhelming.

First day was stupid insane. We picked up our badges got our tickets then i had to get on a bus to go to the directors lunch. It was a cool coincidence that I sat by the director of Dead Snow "Tommy Wirkola". We hung out for the whole lunch and we sat with Glenn Ficarra who wrote Bad Santa and has a film in the fest he directed "I Love You Phillip Morris". He was a great guy and we had a great conversation about talking animal films. He also wrote Cats and Dogs and he was just as big of a fan of the movie "Babe 2, Pig in The City" as i am. Robert Redford came out and gave a great speech.

The way back home Tommy and I had a great conversation about our movie influences, and we were both a little nervous about our screening later on that night.

I got off the bus and had to rush over to main street for an interview with "E". Upon arrival i met up with Glenn Mathews "actor from Treevenge" and Henry Townsend "SFX on Treevenge" and my mom. Turns out they just ran into Guillermo del Toro, the director of the Hell Boy films, Blade 2, Pan's Labyrinth, and he is now slated to direct The Hobbit. Henry and Glenn i guess froze up, but Nora Eisener went right up to him with no shame and they spoke for a little bit and got a picture with him. I guess he was really nice and was stoked about Treevenge.

On my way into the interview, Wesley Snipes walked by as he passed I told him that Undisputed was one of my favorite movies, he was taken aback by that and thought that was crazy hahaha. I don't think any one has every told him that before haha, but it's true, I friggin love that film.

After the interview we had a meeting with Steven Saltzman, who is an Entertainment Lawyer and works with Niv Fichman our producer for Hobo with a Shotgun. Steve was awesome, he shared some amazing stories about the industry and we look forward to working with him in the future. Then we met up with Greg Smith He took us out for pizza and showed us around the main drag and brought us to his friends bar, Chris Masterson

Greg came with us to the screening of Treevenge and Dead Snow. Along with our crew which was John Davies, Henry Townsend, Zander Rosbrough, Adam Burke, Jon Eisener, Nora Eisener, Jack Eisener. We were all just standing there and someone noticed that Adam MCA (Beastie Boys) was standing behind us, Rob Cotterill and I introduced ourselves, he said he was excited to see the films and we hooked him up with a Treevenge hat.

We did a couple interviews before the screening and then we had to introduce the film. I wasn't as nervous as i thought I would be, intro'ing at the Thrillema has got me kind of prepared to get up in front of big audiences. They played Treevenge and it looked fucking awesome. The sound was loud and any one who knows me, and that i get really stressed out about how the projection works out would be glad to know thatI didn't have to say anything to the projectionist, it was perfect! I guess they really have their shit together at Sundance.

The crowd went nuts, people told us afterwards that it didn't feel like a film screening, but more like a rock concert. Dead Snow played and it rocked the house. The last 40 mins of that movie goes balls to the walls. I knew the film was going to be fun, but i didn't think it was going to be as crazy as it was. Loved it.

After the screening, Adam MCA walked up to us and told us how much he loved Treevenge, he asked some questions about the making of it, shook our hand. That was a geek out moment for us. Then we saw Drew McWeeny, writter of the John Carpenters Master of Horror episodes Pro Life, and Cigarette Burns, chilling with him was Scott Wienberg, who writes for Cinematical and host's a Fantastic Feud unlike any other man. We hung out for a while and talked films, both of them pitched films they were working on that sound so fucking awesome i wish i could pitch them to you. Scott wrote a review for Treevenge yesterday which was awesome of him to do

Greg Smith and the Treevenge crew then went to the Dead Snow after party where we hung out with the cast and crew, then off to a party at Chris's bar, where they had a DJ by the name of DJ Ruckus who was so amazing. Once it hit 5am we left and I probably didn't get to sleep until 6:30 or 7am it was a crazy night and i was still on a rush from the screening.

2nd day we got up at 9:30am, so we had about 2 hours sleep. Rob and I had lunch with our agent Jason Burns and talked about future plans, we met him for the first time in person at the screening, but we were quickly swifted away to take pictures, so having time to sit down with him was great.

Then we hit up the Telefilm party, met with some of the other filmmakers from Canada. Hooked up with Walter Forseyth who's a friend from Halifax. Then around 1am we decided that we should go home and get ready for today. So i had a good night sleep and weare at last going to get a chance to go see some flicks. Today i think we're hitting up the Tyson documentary, and The Carter, which is a doc on Little Wayne that a lot of people are talking about around here.

So yeah that's about it so far i'm probably leaving out a lot of stuff, there are a lot of other famous people we're seeing around here, but we're not going poparazzi on them. Ill fill you guys in more as the week goes on.



P.S People down here think Zander Rosbrough (sound designer of treevenge) is John Stamos. Girls were singing him the full house theme song, amazing!