Sundance Variety Blog Vol. 2!

By Glen Matthews: MAN! Not even 48 hours into Sundance and my ass is devastated (mentally speaking).

After some hardcore Street Fighting last night, and nestling into our KICKASS resort supplied by the KICKASS Jack Eisener (photos below), we headed to the Sundance headquarters to pick up our credentials (photos also below)...

sd08 Sagat vs. Guile.

sd04 Townsend vs. Eisener.




sd09 Glen Matthews, Actor, Treevenge. Booya.

sd10 Zander RosOborough?? Incorrect.

Later on, we wandered around Main St. and I took photos on a setting that my computer doesn't exactly comprehend, so it's gonna be a couple weeks until you see those photos.sd11 Cotterill vs. Bear.

Here is a list of celebrities I saw (and you didn't):

  • Ashley Judd
  • John Cleese
  • Slash
  • Wesley Snipes
  • Alan Cummings
  • Tom Arnold
  • McCulley Culkin

I didn't take photos of them, mostly because there was already about 20 papparazzi swarming all of them, and I felt like a scumbag in doing so. Tune in to TMZ tonight and you might see myself schlepping around in the background with a pitying look on my face.

I had a couple awesome experiences, first, I got to meet Paul Soter from Broken Lizard (Super Troopers, Club Dread) and gave him a couple TREEVENGE t-shirts and a promise to check out his new film Slammin Salmon at SlamDance on Tuesday.

The most apeshit portion of my day, was when myself, Henry Townsend and Nora Eisener (Jason's muddah) were waiting around for Jason to finish his interview with E! when who came downstairs but Guillermo Del Toro!


I could barely function, I just screamed his name and proclaimed my love of his work. He stopped, turned, smiled with his HUGE eyes, and came over and talked to us for about a minute. A minute of awesome. This guy is awesome. Nora asked if it was okay if we took his picture and the end result is shown above. The guy had me at a loss for words, and as a result, I forgot to throw some Treevenge swag his way like a damned fool!

The premiere of Treevenge is tonight at midnight, as we're paired with Dead Snow! Stay tuned for an update from that!

PS. For those of you looking to keep track of Eisener's happenings on this blog, the man has not had a second to himself since he got off the plane. Apparently after the next couple days, things are supposed to slow down, so you'll be hearing from the famous guy.

Also, expect some photos from Zander soon!

And now, I will leave you with this... sd13 Why have just one?