The Sundance Variety Blog! Vol. 1

Written by Glen Matthews I'm only 2 hours off the plane from Salt Lake City and already I have something fun to report already.

Today I travelled all by my lonesome because I was an idiot and booked my tickets after everyone else. I had stops in Boston and in Denver, and upon arriving at Salt Lake City, I was collecting my personal materials and I noticed someone who looked an awful lot like Jason Reitman (Juno & Thank You For Smoking). I thought to myself, “No way, that’s not him”, and then I remembered, I’m not in Halifax anymore. I also then realized that if I told the TREEVENGE fellas that I saw Jason Reitman and I didn’t pitch the film to him, I would be castrated and left on one of the many surrounding mountains tops.

“Hello…Jason?” “Yes?” “Hi, I’m Glen… I’m a huge fan, man.” “Cool, thanks.” “So, you visiting the festival?” “Yeah, I’m doing a charity hockey game on Sunday.”

I then successfully pitched TREEVENGE to him and went to baggage claim where I pretended not to hyperventilate. He’s an awesome guy, and I’m a fucking tool. Moving on.

Here’s a picture of the mountains and a vehicle that a mormon drives…



On the shuttle drive from the airport I had the pleasure of sharing my seat with one of the actor’s from my most-anticipated film from Sundance, Black Dynamite, Kym Whitley.


More to come!