GlenJM Presents: The Sundance Variety Blog! Vol. 0

The grumpy piss-ant known as Old Man Winter has finally regained his grasp on the east coast’s balls this week with temperatures dropping far below anything acceptable by my standards. What does this mean? Vacation. Run away to the whitest beach, the darkest people, & the nearest continent as soon as possible. My destination: Salt Lake City, Utah…?


My name is Glen Matthews and I am a local actor/filmmaker/designer/photographer and a film I was in called TREEVENGE was accepted into the 25th Annual Sundance Film Festival.

Starting tomorrow, for the next week (Jan.16th to the 24th) keep up to date on the goings-on with myself, Jason Eisener (writer/director), Adam T. Burke (sound design), Rob Cotterill (writer/producer), John Davies (writer of HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN), Jon Eisener (brother of the famous guy), Zan Rosborough (sound design), and Henry Townsend (special effects) as we travel to Salt Lake City, Utah to take on Hollywood.

What to expect:

  • Photos of our adventures in the Mormon state
  • Entertaining Stories
  • Celebrity testimonials
  • Street Fighter 2 battle descriptions from our hotel room
  • To be offended (especially if you’re Mormon)

Check back every day, foolz!