Christmas Loot

The holidays are now over and I am snowed in, so I am enjoying a manly beer and watching manly hockey. Now it's time for a blog update covering all that I received for Christmas because you need to know... 001

Wolverine "Mighty Mugg". So awesome. New goal in life: have a Mighty Mugg made in my likeness.


The Big Lebowski 10th Anniversary DVD/bowling ball case. "Obviously, you're not a golfer."


The entire Band of Brothers mini-series.


A photo of Beatrix blinking.


Monty Python's Flying Circus. More homework to perfect my silly-walk.


Oh yeah.


A Conair Body Benefits Foot Spa. Dear shit my feet are in heaven.

I also recieved a pair of Nike ACG's from my dearest mother.

I hope you all had as much, or less (not more) love rain down upon you this holiday season. I must be an awesome guy!