HOBO is Happening!

Remember HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN? That little trailer-that-could back in the Winter of ‘06? Well after a little bit more than a year, the feature-length film is entering the pre-production stage of development, and is slated to go into production early in 2009.

The script (written by John Davies) has been completed and my ass has been lucky enough to have a sit down with the script!

All I’m going to say is holy-shit.

HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN is going to rock asses nation wide. HOBO isn’t a horror, but the script still packs the same unapologetic, disgusting punch that has had audiences screaming at TREEVENGE screenings.

Jason Eisener will be directing of course, with Rob Cotterill producing, and recently announced, Niv Fichman (PASSCHENDALE, BLINDESS) will also be producing.

Since I’m not at liberty to say anything at all (that added to the fact I don’t really know anything else), I’ll shut my ass up.

For now, check out a cool piece from FHM Austrailia online here: http://www.fhm.com.au/huzzah-for-hobo.htm .

Drawing by Steven Walters (ourobar.com)