Streets is coming!

I am pleased to announce that post-production on Jason Eisener’s first feature film, STREETS OF DOMINATION has finally begun.

Let’s recap: The Chambers are one of the toughest gangs in River City. They play it cool and rock hard, but that's all changed when their rival gang, The Squids, kidnap Dale Chambers, The youngest of the Chamber brothers. The leadership of the city is now up for grabs as the Chambers race to save their brother down Canon Alley, a highway long abandoned and rumoured to be the turf of the most ferocious and cannibalistic gangs out there, The Creeps.

Eisener has recently dropped off a box of 61 Mini-DV tapes for myself to import onto the computer; all while he’s “working” in Aruba. Bullshit.

The end (of the wait) is near.