Stupid Foreigner 2 Canceled

It is my unfortunate duty as writer, director, producer, editor and star of "Stupid Foreigner Volume 2: NYC" to inform you that the film has been canceled. In the days leading up to our departure, I realized a few things, (1) we wouldn’t be able to accomplish much of what I had wanted for the film with only 14 hours in the city, (2) Kristin had limited camera-operating experience and (3) I wanted to experience New York City, rather than worry about making a video.

Call me a greedy bastard, but I didn’t want my visit to New York to be ruined by worrying about getting shots. If anyone is genuinely upset by this news, I will offer up one back-rub in compensation for your emotional loss.

In other news (which I hope will bring along emotional gain) on June 14th, I will be shooting another short film under the “Bit of a Bully Productions” moniker.

The film titled “Dinner Etiquette Correctness” will feature myself, Scott Bailey & Evan Mosher and should be on the net late June/early July. “Dinner Etiquette Correctness” will be the first of at least four short films I hope to release by the end of the summer.

Early July I will be shooting a short film to be directed by John Davies with some rad-ass special effects from Henry Townsend. I smell magic.

"Treevenge" news; Jason Eisener's short has been accepted to two huge film festivals: Fantasia Film Fest in Montreal in July ( & Fantasic Fest in Austin Texas (